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my usual bio ej kneifel, friend of a friend, in bed with their palms up. a little more formal ej kneifel is a friend of a friend, author of VIO-LETS, co-creator of P8s, ORANGING, CATCH. very formal EJ Kneifel is a psycholinguist, poet and ekphrastic critic. Their ekphrasis — spanning music, literature, tv/film, and visual art — has appeared regularly at Exclaim!, Adroit, Montreal Review of Books, PRISM International, and more. Their poetry has appeared at Canthius, Peach Mag, Hobart, LESTE, The Malahat Review, ARC, TIMBER, Bad Dog, Vallum, and more. They are a film columnist at In the Mood Magazine, have written two other ekphrastic columns (Heartworms at Flypaper Lit and blueberries at The Town Crier), and for three years served as reviews editor at the literary magazine The Ex-Puritan. They are also the author of the chapbook VIO-LETS (Anstruther Press 2023), co-creator of the collective poetry podcast, CATCH, web series, PLAYD8s, and movement-based theatre production, ORANGING.

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